We are happy to announce two new additions to our preventative health care program. We now have the ability to measure your pet’s blood pressure and inner eye pressure. This is an important step forward in providing better care for your dog and cat. Just like in humans, senior animals and pets with certain medical conditions are at greater risk for the development of high blood pressure. If this occurs, damage is done to tiny blood vessels in the body and then organs can be permanently damaged. Especially at risk are the kidneys and eyes, which could lead to blindness and kidney failure.

High inner eye pressure is another serious medical problem for older pets and certain breeds like Shih Tzu dogs, Persian cats and other breeds known for those “Big Beautiful Eyes”. Both high blood pressure and high inner eye pressure can be treated and controlled with medications or other therapies. This could give your pet a more comfortable and longer life and perhaps save you money spent on treating more serious illness. Dr Good will be including these tests for all dogs and cats getting their biannual, senior physical exams as well as exams for those individuals at risk due to their particular breed or disease problem, Each test will cost $10.00.

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